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chama_change management software

Intelligent change management software

Chama won a Stevie Award in the Best New Product of the Year category for its innovation in the way it enables holistic enterprirse change management.

Lead change smarter with ChaMa.

Managing change is an inevitable part of running a business of any size. Ironically, the process by which change is managed has itself not kept up with the rapidly changing environment – until now.
Change management is traditionally a siloed process. For the first time, advanced, AI-infused technology is available to enable change managers and enterprise leaders to elevate change from the project level to the enterprise level, for better adoption and optimized business outcomes.

ChaMa is revolutionary cloud software that makes traditional change management challenges a thing of the past. Click on your role to find out more about how ChaMa can enable you to change smarter, not harder.

Change + Management


ChaMa is a highly flexible and adaptive change management tool that is compatible with any change management framework or methodology you may be using.

This intelligent change management software enables you to: 

Analyze and manage change holistically across portfolios, programs and projects (no more piecing together information from individual initiatives to get an enterprise-wide view!) 

Listen, measure, and adapt to change to improve adoption while respecting the culture

Make better data-driven decisions to align with business priorities and strategic objectives

Generate advanced analytics for unprecedented insights into what is changing, who is impacted and by how much, holistically across the enterprise. 

Never before has leadership had so much actionable change management intelligence at its fingertips!



Benefits of ChaMa

Benefits of Chama, the intelligent change management software: Gain Visibility and Accountability; Make Data-Driven Decisions; Maximize Uptake and Achieve Sustained Adoption


Gain a 40% capacity increase thanks to a better evaluation of the magnitude of change and the resources needed*
Reduce costs by 30% through consistency of delivery, knowledge sharing and stakeholder satisfaction improvement* 

*Based on our customers’ experience. Individual results may vary.


Gain Visibility & Accountability


Elevate transformational change management from the project to the organization or enterprise level.

Illuminate the change magnitude, saturation, and risk for your projects, programs or portfolio owners and leaders. 

ChaMa gives leaders and their teams visibility and accountability across and within all initiatives by providing a holistic view of what is changing, who is impacted, and by how much from various perspectives.


Maximize Uptake & Achieve Sustained Adoption


The holistic view and data-based insights delivered by ChaMa ensure that initiatives are grounded in demonstrated best practices that achieve transparency, quality and consistency with flexibility to improve the user experience at all levels. 
ChaMa enables you to prepare, equip and support your people so they can fully and sustainably engage in driving your organization’s success.


Make Data-Driven Decisions


ChaMa has an AI-enabled match capability driven by algorithms that intelligently leverage change characteristics through our automated recommendation engine.
More effectively orchestrate change in your organization by enabling learning through evaluation of activity effectiveness and recommendations on future change actions taken.


“People usually think of change management as a ‘last-mile’ initiative, but if you want to protect your investments and achieve sustained adoption, waiting until the last mile is too late. ChaMa helps demonstrate the value of change management in a different way by embedding it into the portfolio strategy from beginning to end.” 

Aaron S., Transformation Acceleration Change Manager at a Fortune 100 company


Ready To Learn More? 


Get in touch for a personalized demo to see how ChaMa can help you optimize your adoption rates and achieve your desired business outcomes.

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