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The Intelligent Change Platform

Your organization changes every time it solves a new problem, enters a new market, adopts a new technology, responds to a new industry trend, embraces a new opportunity, or updates a strategy. This constant change affects how your people do their jobs - and your people are the single most important driver of your company’s success!

The Chama™ platform enables you to prepare, equip and support your people so they can fully and sustainably engage in driving your organization’s success.

Studies have shown that projects with excellent change management are:

Chama™ is the cloud-based technology that enables the delivery of Change as a Service (CaaS) for companies to achieve exponential change and continuous learning through data-driven insights across projects, programs, and portfolios.

Chama™ enables you to elevate transformational change management from the project to the enterprise level.


more likely to meet their objectives

*Source: Prosci


more likely to stay on schedule

*Source: Prosci


more likely to stay on budget

*Source: Prosci


The Chama Difference

Chama™ has an AI-enabled match capability driven by algorithms that intelligently leverage change characteristics through our automated recommendation engine to:

  • Provide visibility and understanding by incorporating best practices and key learnings across projects, stakeholder groups and change profiles

  • Drive change process and information consistency across change managers, leaders, and stakeholders for better decision-making

  • Deliver relevant recommendations, effective optimization and prescriptive analytics


Understand change activities across different project attributes (stakeholder groups, roles, regions...) to minimize saturation impacts.  


Use of statistics based on input data and prior actions to suggest relevant change activities for optimal outcomes. 

Prescriptive Analytics

Understand averages, saturation, and outliers through high/medium/low impact banding, scatter plots focusing on outliers and drill-down functionality. 

Pre-built guidelines are based on best practices.

The Chama Advantage

With Chama™, every step of your change management initiative is data-driven, people-focused, and strategically synchronized with your other enterprise projects.

Promote visibility and accountability across all programs

Achieve transparency, quality, and consistency across programs with flexibility

Listen, measure, and adapt to change to improve adoption while respecting the culture

Make better data-driven decisions to align with business priorities and strategic objectives


Know What's Changing

Like peeling an onion, it starts with the overall magnitude of change effort and peels back layer by layer across people, process, data, and technology to who is impacted, by how much, and when.

Know Who's Impacted

People derive significant benefits from changing the way they work. The key to success is moving stakeholders along the "Change Curve." This enables the right engagements, actions, and support for stakeholders to be ready, willing and capable of sustained adoption.

Know What It Takes

Understand the human experience of change. Asking the right questions will elicit the right answers and set the right direction for putting plans and processes in place to drive sustained adoption.

Intelligent Change Management

Digital Playbook

The Change as a Service Model

Chama™ is the technology that enables the delivery of Change as a Service (CaaS), a proven methodology that makes change orchestration a part of your enterprise DNA.


Learn more about how CaaS can benefit your organization.

“Change before you have to.

Jack Welch

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