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Chama won a Stevie Award in the Best New Product of the Year category for its innovation in the way it enables holistic enterprirse change management.


Your job is easier, your projects are more successful, and your stakeholders are more ready, willing and able to adopt change. The enterprise is better poised to achieve its business objectives. Everyone wins!

I’m a Change Manager or Transformation Manager

The challenge for change managers 


Change managers and transformation managers are on the front lines of change initiatives. The challenge is that each project change manager typically implements their program without visibility into all the other simultaneous projects in flight or how those projects are impacting the very stakeholders they are trying to influence. 

As far as the users go, they are getting bombarded by disparate messaging and lack a clear picture of how all the change initiatives fit together or benefit them. There is no consistent stakeholder experience. 

The more simultaneous change initiatives a company has in place, the more change fatigue this generates, leading to increasing resistance to change adoption, which thwarts your progress and dampens the company’s return on investment.


The ChaMa solution

As a change manager, ChaMa’s data-driven insights will show you every change initiative in flight at the organization and how it affects each type of stakeholder (by stakeholder group, role, region, and other variables). In addition to understanding the size, scope and enablement plans of each initiative, you can drill down to understand the degree to which each type of stakeholder is impacted by each program. From the stakeholder perspective, you can understand which stakeholder groups and roles are the most “saturated” by all the different initiatives at any given point in time, so you can make data-driven decisions about when to time your own enablement plans.

ChaMa also provides templates for assessing change readiness and adoption progress, as well as for internal communications and feedback gathering.

Ready To Learn More? 


Get in touch for a personalized demo to see how ChaMa can help you optimize your adoption rates and achieve your desired business outcomes.

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