Product Features

Chama’s product features elevate transformational change management from the project to the enterprise level, empowering you to achieve exponential change and continuous learning through insights at your fingertips!


Illuminate the change magnitude, saturation, and risk for your projects, programs, portfolio owners and leaders to more effectively orchestrate change in your organization. Empower learning through evaluating effectiveness and recommendations on any change action taken to build knowledge. 

Learn more about how Chama™ can help your organization be change healthy.

Key Chama Components


  • Understand change saturation level from different perspectives via the Change Saturation Dashboard

  • View People, Process, Technology, and Policy impacts across stakeholder groups to understand the nature and timing of what is changing and who it is impacting

  • Ability to visualize all change activities in an integrated change management plan

  • Drill into Communication, Training, and Engagement details and velocity through personalized dashboards

Define the Change

  • Perform change magnitude, risk, and other custom assessments to drive awareness of change management insights into what is changing, who is impacted and what actions are needed to deliver adoption and sustainability

  • Define and capture change impacts across categories (People, Process, Technology, Policy) and stakeholder groups

  • Identify and capture actions planned and executed for Communication, Engagement, Training, Key Milestones, and other Activities


  • Leverage our assessments or create your own assessment templates based on organizational requirements

  • Manage enterprise and functional level organizations, regions, and stakeholders

  • Perform user management activities by managing account types

  • Customize drop-down selections for your organization’s specific needs


  • Understand business readiness directly with key stakeholders by pulsing out key questions and analyzing responses

  • Listen and adapt to key learnings and feedback from your stakeholders and change ambassadors

  • Create short surveys or assessments to measure impact of change over time

  • Communicate relevant and timely news about the change to stakeholder groups

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Case Study: Optimizing Adoption Rate & ROI Through Chama

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