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Chama won a Stevie Award in the Best New Product of the Year category for its innovation in the way it enables holistic enterprirse change management.


Make the best decisions, since leadership can see change magnitude, saturation and risk from the stakeholder lens holistically
Align and collaborate with your stakeholder leaders for better partnership
Maximize adoption and business value though data-driven decisions


I’m a change leader driving change across an organization or enterprise

The challenge for change leaders


Once the company’s strategic vision and goals are set for the business, you and other organizational leaders or change leaders across the company align your visions and goals, then kick off initiatives to drive the solutions to achieve those outcomes. In turn, program and project teams are executing to deliver the solutions you’ve identified.

The challenge is a lack of visibility into the holistic amount of change that is being driven by organization and by role. We have all experienced how tedious and time-consuming it can be to manually pull information from a variety of programs without a common format for tracking progress or a common structure for coordinating enablement plans.
The difficulty of gathering a complete set of data leads to decisions being made without a full understanding of the change risk to the enterprise overall or how to share with key business leaders what is coming and when, or who is impacted and by how much. 

This lack of transparency makes it impossible to effectively coordinate enablement plans and communications timelines, triggers “change fatigue” among stakeholders, impedes or delays adoption, dampens ROI, and ultimately hinders the company’s ability to achieve its business objectives.


The ChaMa solution

ChaMa is a highly flexible and adaptive tool that is compatible with any change management framework or methodology you may be using.

ChaMa’s AI-enabled change management platform enables you to:

Analyze and manage change holistically across portfolios, programs and projects (no more piecing together information from individual initiatives to get an enterprise-wide view!) 
Listen, measure, and adapt to change to improve adoption while respecting the culture
Make better data-driven decisions to align with business priorities and strategic objectives
Generate advanced analytics for unprecedented insights into what is changing, who is impacted and by how much, holistically across the enterprise. 

Never before has leadership had so much actionable change management intelligence at its fingertips!


Ready To Learn More? 


Get in touch for a personalized demo to see how ChaMa can help you optimize your adoption rates and achieve your desired business outcomes.

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