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Change leaders using Chama change management software
Chama won a Stevie Award in the Best New Product of the Year category for its innovation in the way it enables holistic enterprirse change management.

ChaMa Services and Referral Partner Program

Let's work together


iTalent Digital has developed ChaMa, intelligent change management software that uses data analytics, AI, and automation to elevate change orchestration from the project level to the enterprise level, providing holistic insights into multiple concurrent initiatives. ChaMa empowers solution providers, system integrators, and consulting firms to improve their client engagement by leveraging data analytics and automation to achieve holistic change management. 


ChaMa Advantages


ChaMa has a proven track record with measurable results. Using it, clients have been able to: 

Spend more time engaging with stakeholders

Increase change management resource capacity by 40% 

Generate change reports in 30 minutes or less (vs days or weeks)

Demonstrate agility using real-time insights 

Reduce costs by 30%

...and much more!


The ChaMa Partner Program provides skills, tools, and support to deliver an exceptional change management experience that helps your clients meet the challenge of an exponentially transforming world.


Partner with ChaMa


We want to help you accelerate the growth of your consulting services and solutions. Explore our partner program to expand your offerings and build expertise in ChaMa. 

We collaborate with like-minded partners to:


Increase your revenue
Drive client scale
Bring value to clients
Amplify your brand

Let’s Get Started


Become a member of the ChaMa Partner Network:

  1. Submit the application form 

  2. A ChaMa representative will contact you to begin exploring the possibilities together.

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