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Chama won a Stevie Award in the Best New Product of the Year category for its innovation in the way it enables holistic enterprirse change management.


You have the data you need to effectively ensure the right resources at the right times to achieve the best outcomes.  Not only can you maximize adoption to deliver on the portfolio’s strategy and goals, but you are able to deliver change management as a service for more initiatives and reduce costs.  

I’m a Portfolio Manager (CMO, PMO or TMO)

The challenge for portfolio managers


When you are managing a portfolio comprised of multiple change initiatives – whether it be part of a change management office (CMO), project management office (PMO) or transformation management office (TMO) – the biggest challenge as a portfolio manager is collecting data that is complete, accurate and up to date. As W. Edwards Deming put it, “Without data, you’re just another person with an opinion.”

Data-driven insights allow you to effectively evaluate requests for changes and ideas from the start of the portfolio management process. This involves evaluating change magnitude and saturation across the portfolio along every point in the collective deployment timeline; accurate risk and readiness assessments; and intelligent forecasting based on previous outcomes. 

Not only do you need data about the initiatives in your own portfolio, but you need to understand how your initiatives fit within the big picture of all the other change portfolios underway, and how they collectively impact your stakeholders.


The ChaMa solution

ChaMa enables you to put a unified structure and taxonomy in place so you can operate effectively not only within the context of your own portfolio, but also to the benefit of the greater organization.


ChaMa gives you 360º visibility into the change saturation and risk profile of every initiative in your portfolio, as well as into the overarching progress that’s being made at every level: from the enterprise level all the way down to the stakeholder level. This allows you to easily track, schedule and evaluate every initiative, as well as generate reports for executive leadership.


Moreover, by providing insights into how your change program fits into the larger picture of all the other initiatives in flight, ChaMa is a powerful tool for facilitating dialogue across portfolios to ensure a more coordinated and effective communications and deployment cadence.

Ready To Learn More? 


Get in touch for a personalized demo to see how ChaMa can help you optimize your adoption rates and achieve your desired business outcomes.

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